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Mesh cubes allow you to build custom C&C style cages for your pet.


This sort of indoor custom cage is suitable for all sorts of animals including Guinea Pig, Micro Pig, Birds, Cats, Kittens, Dogs, Puppies, Chipmonks, Chinchillas, Rabbits or just about any pet you can imagine.


C&C Cages Defined

What are C&C cages and what makes them so popular? Let's take a closer look at the C&C cage:

As far as we can tell, the original C&C cage design was developed (and made popular) a few years ago by an innovative guinea pig rescue organization. This cage style was developed as a matter of necessity so that the guinea pig shelter could efficiently house a large number of pigs in a cost-effective manner. For this reason, to this day, the C&C cage tends to have a very low cost per square-inch of living space -- in other words - C&C cages tend to offer a lot of cage for the money.

The mysterious name C&C originates from the two main materials used to construct this category of small animal cage: Cubes and Coroplast.

The frame and wire lattice portion of the cage is built from wire grids normally used in the assembly of wire grid storage cubes. These square wire grids are usually 14-inches long on each edge. This sort of shelving is often seen in stores or boutiques where clothing or other items are displayed in arrays of wire grid cubes or cubbies. Hence, the first C in C&C comes from the word cube.

The second C in C&C comes from the other fundamental material used in C&C cage construction -- Coroplast. Coroplast is a trade name and is essentially a contraction of the product description: corrugated plastic. Coroplast is corrugated PVC (polyvinylchloride) plastic sheeting and is used to form the litter pan or bin in the bottom of the cage. This material is commonly used by sign-makers in the fabrication of economical weatherproof signage.

Coroplast has some remarkable properties that make it highly suitable for its application in the pet cage arena.

First of all, it is constructed of polyethylene. This material is chemically inert which means water, solvents, oils and other chemicals generally have no effect on it. What this means to the concerned pet-owner is:
a) it is waterproof and (more importantly) urine-proof.
b) soaps, detergents, vinegar and other cleaning agents will not harm it.
c) it is indigestible - stomach acids do not affect it. This means if your pig happens to be a chewer, the material will pass harmlessly through its digestive system.
d) Coroplast is non-toxic and it is certified to be safe for use in contact with food.

C&C have become very popular as a do-it-yourself type of project. However, in recent years, suitable wire metal grids have become increasingly difficult to obtain. National department store chains have carried storage cube kits for several years. Until recently, most contained 14-inch square grids with 9 openings on each side (9x9 array). These grids had openings of roughly 1.5 square-inches.

Recently, at least one major chain has drastically redesigned this product. It now contains two varieties of 14-inch grids: grids with an array of 5x5 spaces (approx. 2.8-inch spacing) and grids with an 8x8 array (approx. 1.75-inch spacing).

CAUTION: Both of these grid configurations (5x5 and 8x8) are to be strictly avoided by guinea pig owners.

5x5 grids are way too large and are ineffective in containing many size pigs. 8x8 grids are only slightly too large and present a potential choking hazard. We have received bulletins from several guinea pig rescue organizations warning us to avoid 8x8 grids. They cited various strangulation incidents involving grids with these larger openings and counseled us to use only 9x9 grids in our guinea pig cage designs.

C&C  cages are almost always built as do-it-yourself projects and tend to be very much larger (and therefore healthier for your pig) than standard manufactured "pet store cages." Generally one of three approaches is taken by do-it-yourself C&C cage builders. The skilled do-it-yourselfer creates the cage from scratch - designing the cage and buying the materials by themselves.

This product is imported by us into the UK and the main kit consists of corners and sheets and 100 cable ties to secure the cage if required. We do also sell spare parts such as the corners and single mesh sheets.


Contets of cage not included and this cage requires more than one kit to make.

Flooring and sides can be made from the plastic material which "For Sale" signs are made from, pop down to your local sign writing company and you will probably find they will give you some off-cuts, even if they want to charge you it will be peanuts!

We do want to start our own gallery so once you have built your pets empire please send an image to us by email and tell us how many kits were required.

All this talk about cages, the product does double up as a wardrobe storage unit. Or the airing cupboard, market stall stand or even a shop display stand.

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Perfect Cage, 3 April 2013

This cage is fantastic value for money: you get a much better amount of floor space for your money than if you buy a commercially manufactured plastic cage, and it means that you can actually provide the space your pet needs. I bought this for my two rabbits, and the Rabbit Welfare Association says that a rabbit cage should be at least 6ftx2ftx2ft: no indoor cage from a pet shop is that big. This cage meant that I could give my rabbits the space they actually needed, and they still have their own space which is easy to clean and for them to get in and out of when they're free ranging in my home.

Amazing product, 31 Mar 2013

I hype about these grids to everyone who has/is thinking about getting a rabbit. There are so many different ways to make a fun spacious cage for your bunny, just let your imagination run wild!

Great kit!, 9 Mar 2013

I looked for this product for a while to build a big split level home for my indoor guinea pigs. We had 2 packs delivered and it is absolutey perfect. Very pleased, AND it doesn't rust and go tatty where the water bottles sit (even after a year) like some of the cages that are built for pets!! Great product and I have recommended it.

Great!, 10 Mar 2013

Wanted to buy these grids, connectors and cable ties to construct the frame for an indoor home for guinea pigs. This product put everything together in one package at the best price. I like the flexibility of this product - the number of grids and connectors means one has lots of scope for building to your own specification. I had bought extra cable ties but didn't need them as plenty are included in this kit.

Pet Cage review, 4 Mar 2013

Absolutely fantastic! I received the order within 3 days of ordering and it's exactly as described. I have bought it for my guinea pigs and they will have loads of space to run around! I would certainly recommend this product to others..

perfect indoor run for my guniea pigs, 2 Mar 2013

I bought this to replace the indoor run I had for my 2 guinea pigs which was a foldable metal cage which was really for outdoor use and was quite heavy to keep setting up and taking down. This product is perfect as it is easy to set up 4 sides and then take down and store indoors. There was enough panels and connectors for a large run for my 2 piggies with 5 panels left to create spaces within the run. Very good quality. Arrived well packed and within 3 days of ordering. Will use the metal cage this replaced for outside now. Would recommend this product.

Fantastic indoor cage, 20 Feb 2013

I can't believe I had not heard of this product before. Fantastic as an adaptable indoor hutch or run. Easy to build and change. Fast delivery and great service.

RABBIT CAGE, 3 Jan 2013

i think this is a really great product my two guinea pigs absolutely love it they love to run around it and play. i think that this is especially good because you can make it biger or smaller and you can adjust it but with the other runs they are in a fixed position.

Excellent product/ Brilliant service!, 3 Jan 2013

This product has been bought mainly to be used to house my Guinea Pig, as I am getting her a friend. Excellent product! I love it, exactly what i thought it would be and more. So simple but great, easily 5 stars! Great price and well worth the money.

I have found the service to be brilliant, ordered it on New Year's Eve and obviously couldn't be dispatched till New Years was over! Got dispatched Wednesday and came here 8am Thursday! Fantastic and faster than I ever thought.

Also using this as storage, sturdy and secure. Can't go wrong really, thanks to the seller! I highly recommend this to animal owners and storage seekers! Brilliant!

Guinea Pig cage...., 28 Nov 2012

I bought this on recomendation of a guinea pig rescue before adopting 2 piggies...It's great the boys love it and so much space unlike the nasty hutch types....we are all well pleased.

big bars,or small guinea pig?, 20 Nov 2012

it looked like a great product on the internet but as soon as I put my 11 week old guinea pigs in it for the first time ...whoosh!They were out through the bars! But we have doubled up the cage and fattened the piggies up! Over all this cage is brilliant and is really easy to put together as well as being massive, I would not recommend tis for small pets though. Its good vecause it has the cable ties as well as the clicky things this is a great product and I would recommend to almost anyone.

Easy to assemble and makes a brilliant large space for your piggies, 1 Sep 2012

I bought this product for our 2 new baby guinea pigs and it is excellent. So easy to put together - you can make your own design. I made ours single story as the pigs are babies and it is easy with a single story to reach in from the top to pick up the piggies. The other great thing is that it is totally open (rather than having a covered sleeping area) so that the babies have nowhere to hide - they are exposed to the hustle and bustle of our house and they will hopefully become very tame.(you can of course put boxes and tunnels etc in for your pigs but we want ours to become very familiar with us first)

The caging can come apart easily and the design changed as you wish. Also if you did have piggies that aren't getting along with each other, it would be possible to divide the cage so that the piggies still could see each other and chat but be seperated if they were fighting.

The main best thing about this type of cage though is that you can give your piggies a huge enclosure - you can keep it open on top or build a roof out of the c&c panels (as we have done due to having a cat)

We just lined ours with towels on top of a Pampers bed mat (the things for putting on toddlers' beds!) and the towels are easy to shake off each day and wash every few days. Our piggies seem to be using one corner for their toilet so I am going to try a litter tray.

Good product and fast delivery., 5 July 2012

I was really pleased with how quickly this product arrived. It is a good size (you may need 2 sets to make large runs/cages) and easy to put together, I can't wait to see my little bunny using it!

New cage!, 7 Jun 2012

These are brilliant. Used them to build a new cage for my Guinea Pigs, much bigger than the ferplast! They absolutely love their new home and have been popcorning like little nutters :) Pretty easy to use too. Thanks! :)

Piggie Heaven, 30 May 2012

Just wanted to say this kit is great .The items were sent quickly too .
My Guinea pigs love their new home .Top marks for the seller all round
Ill be back for more soon enough .

pet den cage, 8 April 2012

This is fantastic we used it to build a cage for our house bunny for sons room lots of ways and sizes to build depending on the space you have

Kitten Control!, 3 Jan 2012 

We took delivery of the Pet Den prior to taking delivery of a little bundle of dynamite! The pen has been superb in containing the kitten at night and when we leave him for a couple of hours. He is quite happy in it, lots of room for his bed, litter tray and toys etc. It ensures that both he and the ornaments are safe when we are not around! It is sturdy and fits together quickly and easily and doesn't come apart until we want it to. Although one pack makes up a fairly large run we intend buying another one to extend the space for when he grows bigger

Rabbit fencing, 27 Nov 2011

Excellent product. No assembly required which was great. It was tall enough to keep my rabbit in and there are no rough edges.

Pet den pet cage/run play pen, 1 Nov 2011

Brought 2 sets of these cube systems to make a large c&c cage for my guinea pigs after watching them on youtube Think they are brilliant for this use, they are very sturdy and easy to put together. They also arrived very quickly too. Great product !

Great for my guinea pigs, 18 Aug 2011

I got this for my 2 guinea pigs as I was fed up with them not having much room to run about,Thomas was getting fat and lazy stuck in his cage all day and only getting a run about at night. I have made a 2 x 3 one with a hay loft, they have only just started going up the ramp to the hay loft and they love it. I have decided to use towels, and blankets to put down instead of megazorb as its easier to change. I still use the megazorb in the hay loft though.

great, 3 July 2011

a perfect solution forour cats, to keep them from the rest of the kitchen when we are away. brilliant value

Awesome product and service!, 28 Jun 2011

A simple excellent product and very well made. We use the squares to make guinea pig cages - you can make them any shape or size, single storey, multi storey absolutely 'brill. And the service was first class, probably the best online shopping experience I've ever had, I ordered on Sunday, they despatched them at 08:00 on Monday and I got them Tuesday. Can't get a lot better than that!!!

Great Item!, 24 May 2011

I love these grids, I used them to add on to my existing C&C cage for my 2 Guinea Pigs. They absolutely love it!
I strongly recommend buying this pack it is so worth the value and your pets will love you for it.

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